Chromebooks are designed to drive student focus and engagement with the learning process, empowering students to achieve anything! These shareable, versatile devices connect people to the internet, to each other and to quality apps and extensions through the power of G-Suite. With Chromebook, students thrive in collaborative learning environments, build digital skills and acquire knowledge through enhanced learning processes.

A student with technology at their fingertips, are empowered to succeed in new ways that meet the demand of 21st century learning.

Check out Kirri Gooch, who guides us through educational transformation with G-Suite:

Virtual communication and collaboration are skills that students will use throughout their lives. With Chromebooks, they can cement these skills as they collaborate with peers in apps and sites or built-in ones like Docs, Sheets and Slides.

Schools pick Chromebooks because they are versatile, affordable and easy to manage. With easy and secure deployment, you no longer need to worry about updating devices. Chromebooks update automatically and have multi-layered security, so like students, they continue to improve over time.

Each LGfL secondary school can claim 120 CloudReady licences (saving £1200), and each LGfL primary school or special school can claim 30 CloudReady licences (saving £300) as part of their existing LGfL subscription.

In addition to the Cloudready software, it is also possible to unify device management with the Chrome Management console. This will deliver the following additional benefits:

  • Secure device management with the ability to apply policies across devices at the touch of a button (for example, automatically applying Wi-Fi settings across all devices)
  • The ability to customise device settings to enable and disable specific apps, such as social media sites, according to specific year groups and in line with school policies
  • Establishing an exam mode to lock down devices to specific sites or apps

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