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Getting your head in the Cloud

Over the years, classrooms across the globe have witnessed many
revolutionary changes. New curriculum, Government initiatives and strategies that
aim to engage students to achieve more.

Migrating from Chalkboard to Interactive whiteboard had benefits,
OHP to visualisers encouraged greater collaboration. But what about ways in
which we collaborate, communicate and ignite creativity in the classroom?

Thanks to Cloud technology and mobile devices, technology can be
integrated into all aspects of school, for that enriched, greater outcome. Being
‘in the cloud’ enables anywhere, anytime working and forgetting to email that
planning document or special trip for a meeting becomes a thing of the past.

With the cloud, we effectively have the world as our classroom. Digital learning has the potential to evolve teaching and learning like never before. Whilst many of us fear where our data is stored and managed, choosing a cloud platform built for education comes with many free safety and security software, so you don’t need to worry! Students can learn from anywhere and educators can teach from anywhere.

Engaging independent learning

The cloud can also facilitate independent learning. Teachers can adopt a flipped classroom approach by utilising the power of Flipgrid, empowering student voice and ownership of their learning. Teachers can upload online resources for students to use as part of a group project within Microsoft Teams. All of these resources can be accessed via a student's computer, smartphone or tablet. As long as they have an internet connection, they are good to go. The rest is down to the students, their collaboration, communication and creativity, freeing up more of a teacher's time to inspire and support all learners, regardless of their ability.

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