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Microsoft Teams Update - May 2019

Microsoft Teams has changed the way we collaborate and communicate on a day-to-day basis. Feedback from Educators globally has helped shape the development of tackling teacher-workload and streamlined processes to bring together a one-stop digital hub of excellence!

This summer, a simpler, faster and more seamless user experience is coming to schools using Microsoft Teams in Education. Here's a sneak peak!

A Simplified, more focussed design: 


Get to your channels, conversations and assignments faster with visual graphic tiles that represent each one of your teams. We call this the ‘grid view,’ and it replaces the list of Teams you used to see in the left panel. Don’t worry—everything you’ve worked on so far will still be exactly where you left it in the team. Plus, capture class attention and recognize student achievements with all new announcements, Praise cards and stickers.

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