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G Suite Back to School Updates

Whether it's your first year using Google Classroom, or you have been using G Suite for some time, there are some exciting updates just in time for the start of the new school year.

  • Locked mode in Google Forms
  • Rubrics (beta) in Google Classroom
  • Originality detector (beta) in Google Classroom

Locked mode in Google Forms

Google Forms are great for quick diagnostic quizzes, homework activities and other data collection activities. They are really useful tools to save teachers time when giving high stakes in class tests, however sometime teachers just want to test the student's knowledge without the ability to search the web or refer to their lesson material.

Google have now launched locked mode for Google Forms which means that with one click you can ensure that students can't navigate away from a quiz until they've completed it. This now works on all managed Chromebooks and you can find out more in the video below:

Don't forget that you can also import Google Forms quiz grades into your Classroom grade book with one click, too! Find out more tips at Google's excellent First Day of Google Forms site.

Rubrics (beta) in Google Classroom

One of the most featured request within Google Classroom was to add marking grids (rubric) to help give feedback and grade based on criteria. This is now possible with rubrics in Google Classroom. You can sign up for the beta testing on your domain, and find out more, here.

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