Technology facilitates an integral role in empowering students to be successful in learning. An inclusive classroom can enable students to do their best work and gain independence, while giving teachers the opportunity to engage every learner with new concepts. Built-in accessibility solutions are hosted across Office 365 and windows 10 to empower every students to achieve more!

It was an honour to host our first ever SuperCloud Conference in November 2019 and we were fortunate to have Hector Minto, Technical Evangelist for Accessibility at Microsoft EMEA join us on the main stage to walk us through how Microsoft are leading on Accessiblity across the Globe! Check out the keynote below:

In school, students have the ability to turn on tools when and where they need that can help them read, write and collaborate effectively.

For example, students can customize how they view and read content without feeling segregated with:

  • Learning Tools Immersive Reader – This allows students to change spacing and font size, identify syllables and parts of speech, as well as line focus. Available in OneNote, Word, Outlook, Office Lens and Edge.
  • Read Aloud – It enables students to hear written text while each word is simultaneously highlighted. Available in multiple Office 365 applications.
  • Colour Blindness filters – Added last November, these can be switched on in the Windows Ease of Access Settings to provide access to charts, graphs and images for folks that are colour blind.
  • Narrator – Provides students who are blind the ability to navigate any Windows 10 device, access content in Office 365, and read and reply to comments in Word.

Microsoft UK are delighted to offer teachers working in London schools accessibility training to ensure every child they teach is engaged in lessons and understands the topic, by helping them learn in the best way for that individual. 

Educators will also be shown how to use free computer tools that will improve reading and writing, including live captioning and Translate, as well as the immersive Reader functions that are embedded in Microsoft Edge, Word, OneNote, Teams Outlook and Flipgrid.  

If you are working in a London based school then you are invited to attend one of our workshops either in Microsoft Paddington office or in our Flagship Store on Oxford Street. These workshops are free of charge. Come and find out how to unleash the potential of our accessibility learning tools to make your classroom accessible for all students. 


14th January, 2020 – tps://www.microsoft.com/store/event_registration/?eid=383511661&locid=107295

5th February, 2020 – https://www.microsoft.com/store/event_registration/?eid=1349770212&locid=107295

18th February, 2020 – https://www.microsoft.com/store/event_registration/?eid=1820243277&locid=107295

3rd March, 2020 – https://www.microsoft.com/store/event_registration/?eid=1517041361&locid=107295

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