As festive preparations, music and excitement fill the air, LGfL would like to take this opportunity to thank our ever-growing schools community for steering the greatest Autumn term to date! We have assigned a record-breaking number of licenses to schools, as part of your service package, at no extra cost! LGfL are dedicated to saving you EVEN MORE money in the new year, so do launch our Savings Calculator to see if you could save even more than you spend!

As part of our Pledge 2020 commitment to schools, LGfL were proud to host it’s first ever SuperCloud Conference on November 1st. We welcomed hundreds of schools across our community to showcase the best of Cloud technology, strategic approaches and whole-school transformation. Check out our highlight video below:

Cloud on a Budget!

LGfL Content Manager Bob Usher gives a fast paced collection of ideas on how to maximise the existing technology your school to access the features offered by cloud platforms. Ideas range of the benefits of one to one device deployment all the way through to how to use cloud platforms when you don’t even have a device in the classroom! Check out the video below:

We have launched our Pledge 2020 campaign which strives to provide schools with a free bandwidth upgrade to support the demand of the cloud-based tools and applications we offer. If you have not signed up for this yet, CLICK HERE to see what you could be offered, at no additional cost!

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