Back to School, and we are already thinking about those new routines that we promised ourselves to keep! The new academic year comes with many exciting new goals that we set ourselves and at the heart of them, good intentions. It can often feel overpowering with the amount of change that occurs in the new academic year but taking the time to reset and ‘all steam ahead’ is at the heart of growth development.

Have I consumed enough coffee for this? (Whilst shaking)

Where are my glasses? (usually on-top of your head)

Where do my glue sticks keep disappearing to? – Sound familiar?

Taking the time, we need to think about ways to save time and tackle the workload can often feel cumbersome with a new academic year underway. However, there are a variety of free tools out there, waiting to make the day-to-day easier and more manageable.

So, what is out there?

As part of your LGfL subscription, you have access to a plethora of learning resources and training opportunities, to help provoke your thought around using technology in the classroom. Scaffold that with a Cloud platform and the learning outcome and possibilities are endless! Whether it is an application for collaborative planning or creating engaging homework tasks in minutes, they’re out there waiting for you!

Getting Started

LGfL host a range of courses available for schools who are looking into adopting cloud technology. Visit our website to find out more about training and services available for your school.

Interested in making Cloud a priority this academic year? Our SuperCloud Leads, Jose Kingsley and Oli Trussell are on hand to support you with School transformation around Microsoft and Google Cloud solutions and can be contacted to support you on your journey.

SuperCloud Event!

We are thrilled to announce our SuperCloud Conference on November 1st, 2019! The day is set to prepare you for your adoption of Cloud technology in your school and provide you with all the latest, tools, resources and training you will need to get started. Our commitment with Pledge 2020 will see Broadband upgrades across the LGfL community to ensure you acquire the best experience when using a cloud platform to enhance your experience. We will be launching our signup for this event in the next couple of weeks, so follow our Twitter Account and sign up to secure your place!

Have a fantastic first week back and we look forward to sharing with you, all the excitement planned for the Academic year ahead!

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