Chromebooks are designed to drive student focus and engagement with the learning process, empowering students to achieve anything! These shareable, versatile devices connect people to the internet, to each other and to quality apps and extensions through the power of G-Suite. With Chromebook, students thrive in collaborative learning environments, build digital skills and acquire knowledge through enhanced learning processes.

A student with technology at their fingertips, are empowered to succeed in new ways that meet the demand of 21st century learning.

Check out Kirri Gooch, who guides us through educational transformation with G-Suite:

Virtual communication and collaboration are skills that students will use throughout their lives. With Chromebooks, they can cement these skills as they collaborate with peers in apps and sites or built-in ones like Docs, Sheets and Slides.

Schools pick Chromebooks because they are versatile, affordable and easy to manage. With easy and secure deployment, you no longer need to worry about updating devices. Chromebooks update automatically and have multi-layered security, so like students, they continue to improve over time.

Each LGfL secondary school can claim 120 CloudReady licences (saving £1200), and each LGfL primary school or special school can claim 30 CloudReady licences (saving £300) as part of their existing LGfL subscription.

In addition to the Cloudready software, it is also possible to unify device management with the Chrome Management console. This will deliver the following additional benefits:

  • Secure device management with the ability to apply policies across devices at the touch of a button (for example, automatically applying Wi-Fi settings across all devices)
  • The ability to customise device settings to enable and disable specific apps, such as social media sites, according to specific year groups and in line with school policies
  • Establishing an exam mode to lock down devices to specific sites or apps

CLICK HERE to claim your liceses today!


Technology facilitates an integral role in empowering students to be successful in learning. An inclusive classroom can enable students to do their best work and gain independence, while giving teachers the opportunity to engage every learner with new concepts. Built-in accessibility solutions are hosted across Office 365 and windows 10 to empower every students to achieve more!

It was an honour to host our first ever SuperCloud Conference in November 2019 and we were fortunate to have Hector Minto, Technical Evangelist for Accessibility at Microsoft EMEA join us on the main stage to walk us through how Microsoft are leading on Accessiblity across the Globe! Check out the keynote below:

In school, students have the ability to turn on tools when and where they need that can help them read, write and collaborate effectively.

For example, students can customize how they view and read content without feeling segregated with:

  • Learning Tools Immersive Reader – This allows students to change spacing and font size, identify syllables and parts of speech, as well as line focus. Available in OneNote, Word, Outlook, Office Lens and Edge.
  • Read Aloud – It enables students to hear written text while each word is simultaneously highlighted. Available in multiple Office 365 applications.
  • Colour Blindness filters – Added last November, these can be switched on in the Windows Ease of Access Settings to provide access to charts, graphs and images for folks that are colour blind.
  • Narrator – Provides students who are blind the ability to navigate any Windows 10 device, access content in Office 365, and read and reply to comments in Word.

Microsoft UK are delighted to offer teachers working in London schools accessibility training to ensure every child they teach is engaged in lessons and understands the topic, by helping them learn in the best way for that individual. 

Educators will also be shown how to use free computer tools that will improve reading and writing, including live captioning and Translate, as well as the immersive Reader functions that are embedded in Microsoft Edge, Word, OneNote, Teams Outlook and Flipgrid.  

If you are working in a London based school then you are invited to attend one of our workshops either in Microsoft Paddington office or in our Flagship Store on Oxford Street. These workshops are free of charge. Come and find out how to unleash the potential of our accessibility learning tools to make your classroom accessible for all students. 


14th January, 2020 – tps://www.microsoft.com/store/event_registration/?eid=383511661&locid=107295

5th February, 2020 – https://www.microsoft.com/store/event_registration/?eid=1349770212&locid=107295

18th February, 2020 – https://www.microsoft.com/store/event_registration/?eid=1820243277&locid=107295

3rd March, 2020 – https://www.microsoft.com/store/event_registration/?eid=1517041361&locid=107295


As festive preparations, music and excitement fill the air, LGfL would like to take this opportunity to thank our ever-growing schools community for steering the greatest Autumn term to date! We have assigned a record-breaking number of licenses to schools, as part of your service package, at no extra cost! LGfL are dedicated to saving you EVEN MORE money in the new year, so do launch our Savings Calculator to see if you could save even more than you spend!

As part of our Pledge 2020 commitment to schools, LGfL were proud to host it’s first ever SuperCloud Conference on November 1st. We welcomed hundreds of schools across our community to showcase the best of Cloud technology, strategic approaches and whole-school transformation. Check out our highlight video below:

Cloud on a Budget!

LGfL Content Manager Bob Usher gives a fast paced collection of ideas on how to maximise the existing technology your school to access the features offered by cloud platforms. Ideas range of the benefits of one to one device deployment all the way through to how to use cloud platforms when you don’t even have a device in the classroom! Check out the video below:

We have launched our Pledge 2020 campaign which strives to provide schools with a free bandwidth upgrade to support the demand of the cloud-based tools and applications we offer. If you have not signed up for this yet, CLICK HERE to see what you could be offered, at no additional cost!

Remember you can stay up to date with all news, resources and ideas from LGfL by:


We are delighted to present our first ever SuperCloud Conference on November 1st.

The Conference has been designed to introduce schools to how cloud technology can be effectively implemented whilst considering key factors that determine successful outcomes. As part of LGfL’s #Pledge2020 commitment to schools, providing faster broadband connections will facilitate the demand of cloud platforms.

A Cloud-based learning environment has the potential to help tackle the teacher workload, invigorate the curriculum and help with the work-life balance without being to much of a monumental change for a school to adopt new ways of thinking, working and learning.

The conference will be held in the heart of the City at etc. venues St. Pauls, where we are running a series of valuable sessions FREE to all LGfL staff.

Our Keynotes include:

  • Microsoft in Education: Accessibility for All
  • Google for Education: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Adobe Creative Cloud: The Power of Creativity
  • Amazon Web Services: Equipping the Future Workforce
  • ICT with Mr P: Raising Standards with Cloud Technology

More about our Workshops:

Microsoft Teams: Learn about the Digital Hub that reinventing smart ways to collaborate and communicate effectively as Teachers and with Students. Live editing on the same planning document, virtual CPD sessions and Assignement/Homework setting are all part of the unique experience that is Microsoft Teams.

Google Teamwork: Change working practices in schools between staff and revolutionise processes when communicating with external stakeholders such as parents and governors.

Adobe: Take your Content and Ideas to the next level with Creative Cloud and Spark. Energising the Curriculum is crucial in meeting the demand of 21st Century learners through creativity and Tools through Creative Cloud facilitate just that.

Apple: Deploying and Managing iPad in Education. Explore how to automate iPad setup, manage devices over the air, and streamline content distribution.

The day will also be a chance to visit our EdTech Marketplace, where delegates can talk to key Partners and Schools about products and services available through their LGfL subscription.

There is no limit to the places booked per school, but when all the places are taken, the booking portal will close. Please ensure that you use a school/work email when registering.

Tickets are FREE* for you and your staff ( including lunch) if you are an LGfL/TRUSTnet school, so it’s an ideal opportunity to send a small team or make it a whole-school INSET day and attend all together!


* Delegates’ schools will be charged (£85 +VAT) if they do not attend and have not given due notice of cancellation.


Back to School, and we are already thinking about those new routines that we promised ourselves to keep! The new academic year comes with many exciting new goals that we set ourselves and at the heart of them, good intentions. It can often feel overpowering with the amount of change that occurs in the new academic year but taking the time to reset and ‘all steam ahead’ is at the heart of growth development.

Have I consumed enough coffee for this? (Whilst shaking)

Where are my glasses? (usually on-top of your head)

Where do my glue sticks keep disappearing to? – Sound familiar?

Taking the time, we need to think about ways to save time and tackle the workload can often feel cumbersome with a new academic year underway. However, there are a variety of free tools out there, waiting to make the day-to-day easier and more manageable.

So, what is out there?

As part of your LGfL subscription, you have access to a plethora of learning resources and training opportunities, to help provoke your thought around using technology in the classroom. Scaffold that with a Cloud platform and the learning outcome and possibilities are endless! Whether it is an application for collaborative planning or creating engaging homework tasks in minutes, they’re out there waiting for you!

Getting Started

LGfL host a range of courses available for schools who are looking into adopting cloud technology. Visit our website to find out more about training and services available for your school.

Interested in making Cloud a priority this academic year? Our SuperCloud Leads, Jose Kingsley and Oli Trussell are on hand to support you with School transformation around Microsoft and Google Cloud solutions and can be contacted to support you on your journey.

SuperCloud Event!

We are thrilled to announce our SuperCloud Conference on November 1st, 2019! The day is set to prepare you for your adoption of Cloud technology in your school and provide you with all the latest, tools, resources and training you will need to get started. Our commitment with Pledge 2020 will see Broadband upgrades across the LGfL community to ensure you acquire the best experience when using a cloud platform to enhance your experience. We will be launching our signup for this event in the next couple of weeks, so follow our Twitter Account and sign up to secure your place!

Have a fantastic first week back and we look forward to sharing with you, all the excitement planned for the Academic year ahead!


Our last blog post looked at how online forms can have a huge impact when streamlining processes in your school. They are also great for teachers to use as quizzes. Both Google and Office 365 forms can be configured as self marking quizzes. Not only does this save teachers time in marking, but it’s also instantly provides the student with feedback as to how they did and offers the teacher(s) instant analysis as to how the class(es) performed!

Office 365 example

Screenshot 2019-06-17 at 1.47.29 PM.png

G Suite example

Screenshot 2019-06-17 at 1.47.57 PM.png

This is really useful for in class starters or exit tickets to help gauge student understanding, or for revision quizzes as it allows students to get instant feedback to support independent learning.

Flipped learning

When I (Oli) was teaching, one of the biggest impacts of using Google Forms was how they supported a ‘flipped’ learning approach to inform lesson planning. Here’s how it looked in practice in a Maths environment (applicable to most subjects):

Step 1: Create or curate videos

Before we even started teaching a topic, we’d create video tutorials of key concepts (or find good ones already made on YouTube). If we were teaching fractions in 4 weeks time, this weeks homework would be to watch some of those videos (this could also be done in lesson time).

Step 2: Students complete a quiz online

After watching the videos, students complete a quick online quiz made in Google or Office 365 Forms. The great thing about this, is that only one teacher needs to create the Form, and each class can all complete the same one! TOP TIP: Add a question that asks for the teacher/class name and you can then filter the results later.

Step 3: Analyse the results before you start planning

The great thing about Forms is that you have charts automatically made for you for each question. This is really useful as you start planning as it lets you know if there are any fundamental topics that the class have struggled with, or likewise anything that the class really understand and that can save you wasting too much lesson time covering it.

Forms also automatically link to spreadsheets which allows you to really drill down and identify if there are any individual students who might need a bit of support. You can also filter a quiz by teacher or class. Having all of this data before you start planning a topic completely transforms your approach and will hopefully have a big impact on student learning outcomes!

Europe Quiz (Responses) - Google Sheets.gif

We’d love to hear how you are using Forms and quizzes in your school! Please feel free to add your story to our Supercloud Stories of Impact at lgfl.link/cloudimpact


Many schools send out paper forms to parents to collect information or permission. This can be really inefficient as it can rely on the student to be organised enough to be the delivery person and then a member of staff to collate the data and chase any missing responses.

A great feature of cloud platforms such as G Suite and Office 365 is that anyone can easily create an online form to capture any information they want. These forms can be filled out by anyone (even on a smart phone), which makes it really easy to send directly out to parents and you don’t have to rely on students to take a piece of paper home and bring it back in!

The responses are automatically collated for easy analysis, which massively reduces staff administration time, and missing respondents can be easily chased at the click of a button!

Here is an example travel survey made in Google Forms.

Screenshot 2019-06-13 at 1.33.40 PM.png

You can create Forms really easily in both platforms right away!

G Suite: Click ‘New’ in your Google Drive or head to forms.google.com

Office 365: Head to forms.office.com

If you need any help getting setup with a cloud platform, please email oli.trussell@lgfl.net (G Suite) or jose.kingsley@lgfl.net (Office 365) today!


We have launched a new resource to help schools share and discover new ideas as to how cloud is having an impact across LGfL. Our new ‘Supercloud Stories of Impact’ portal brings together ideas from schools in small bite size chunks which you can filter to meet your needs.

Each story is one slide outlining the:

  • problem
  • solution
  • impact

…followed by simple guidance or instructions on how to implement yourself.

Screenshot 2019-06-14 at 2.46.10 PM.png

Visit lgfl.link/cloudimpact to access the portal

We would love for staff across London to share the impact that cloud is having in their schools. Please do get involved and help inspire others!


In addition to our blog posts, you may be interested in subscribing to our Supercloud newsletter. We will be providing regular cloud support, guidance, updates & resources direct to your inbox.

You (and colleagues) can sign up here: lgfl.link/supercloudnewsletter


There is so much more to successful digital transformation than simply getting in a load of devices. We know that it can be overwhelming even knowing where to start, and what is most important to your school situation when trying to drive change.

We’ve created a simple self reflective audit tool that is designed to help with this process by:

  • Identifying current position of the school regarding digital transformation
  • Identifying important next steps to ensure success
  • Creating a plan with manageable and actionable goals

You can access the tool for free today at lgfl.link/DTFAudit

After you’ve completed the tool you’ll get a report (example below) emailed to you which you can use to plan next steps with specific time frames which is really useful when sharing a vision and for accountability purposes. You’ll also receive a unique link so that you can come back and update your results at any time – a really rewarding way of tracking and showing progress.

If you have any questions, or want to find out more about how we can support your digital transformation, please email Oli (Google expert) or Jose (Microsoft expert) at oli.trussell@lgfl.net and jose.kingsley@lgfl.net

Link to report example (and embedded below)