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Broadford & Mead Primary G Suite Case Study

School name Broadford & Mead Primary
Borough Havering
Brief school context Two schools, joined in a Federation, situated in Harold Hill. One of most deprived areas in Havering - and East London. Schools have approx 1,300 pupils. Have been using G Suite for 3 years. Majority of staff are Google Level 1 accredited.
What kind of devices do you currently have in your school? Mixture of PCs, Chromebooks, laptops and iPads
When did your school first start using G Suite? 2015
What impact has using G Suite had on your school? Significant reduction in workload; more flexible working for Senior staff; increased collaboration and better sharing of resources.
What advice would you give to a school just starting with G Suite? Get some key people in each part of the school accredited as Google Level 1 ASAP. Use them as your champions... start small but think BIG!
Where do you see your school’s use of cloud technology in 3 years time? Move towards 1-1 devices for pupils in KS2 with majority of work being completed in Google classroom.

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