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Willow Bank Primary School G Suite Case Study

School name Willow Bank Primary School
Borough Bexley
Brief school context 400+ children, high level of EAL and PPG.
What kind of devices do you currently have in your school? 60 Chromebooks, 28 iPads, 30 Windows 10 Laptops, 20 desktops.
When did your school first start using G Suite? February 2018
What impact has using G Suite had on your school? G Suite has allowed the children and staff to become more confident in their learning and teaching. The children have become more confident and engaged in their learning and the children have completed more work at home.
What advice would you give to a school just starting with G Suite? Try it out! Keep playing with the technology trying new things and provide opportunity for all staff to become engaged and more confident in using the technology. Provide opportunities for the technology to be used across the curriculum.
Where do you see your school’s use of cloud technology in 3 years time? In 3 years time, I see that Willow Bank will be a school that's curriculum is cloud based and children and staff can access all of their work and support from at home, school or wherever they would like to. Willow Bank will be a leading school in our Trust and be working towards becoming a full Google School.

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